Welcome to RMSPR

RMS Public Relations LLC is an independent, Twin Cities-based public relations agency providing affordable, effective public relations counsel and programs that help clients achieve their objectives.

We do this by building relationships—with our clients, our clients' key audiences, our community and the media. We firmly believe that cultivating and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships are the key to successful, effective results.

Our approach is simple.

First, we focus on our client. We get to know their business well, listen to their goals and help them determine objectives. We ask questions—lots of them—until we truly understand our client, their business environment and what they want to achieve.

Next, we determine how to most effectively reach the audiences important to our client's success. Public relations is not a paint-by-numbers, one-size-fits-all process. Different objectives call for different strategies and tactics, and different audiences call for different messages.

Execution follows. Never taking our eyes off of our client's goals, we implement the strategies and tactics developed in our plan—carefully, consistently and effectively.

Finally, we evaluate our results, collecting, analyzing and interpreting outcomes to see how well they achieved our objectives. But that's not the end. From there we review what was effective (and what wasn't) and use that information to refine our plan.